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Pet waste removal Las Vegas

As the responsible owner of one of the best dogs in the world, you want to do what’s best for them. That includes taking all steps necessary to ensure their health and hygiene! But with your busy schedule, you’ve been a little late in picking up their dog waste, and unfortunately, it’s becoming apparent. Not to worry, though!

M&N Pooper Scooper Services will clear out your dog’s fecal matter and thoroughly clean your yard along with. What’s even better is that for a small fee, we’ll also provide dog cleaning services so you can be sure your pupper will be clean by the time you get home! With M&N Pooper Scooper Services, you can be sure that your money will go into making your home environment cleaner and safer for not just you and your family, but also your pet!

Why We Need to Pick Up After Our Dogs

According to the report by the EPA, fecal matter from dogs does not decompose. So if it’s not disposed of properly, the harmful bacteria from the waste can leach into the soil. When water is used on said soil, this causes the bacteria to spread, and may even contaminate your water supply. As a result, other sources of water such as ponds, pools and even your wet backyard become potential cesspools for harmful germs. That in turn affects human health when we’re exposed, not to mention your dog’s health next time they take a stroll outdoors!

By hiring M&N Pooper Scooper Services, you can live your busy life with the assurance that your pet and home hygiene is being taken care of by a reliable company while you’re away. Having been in the pooping-scooping business for years now, we know how to thoroughly clean your home and keep it safe from any potential disease-carrying waste. Low-cost and affordable, you can be sure that our services won’t put a burden on your wallet either.

Contact us today! M&N Pooper Scooper Services proudly serves residents in Henderson, North Las Vegas and Las Vegas. Call us at (702) 487-9021 to know more about our schedule. Together, we can keep our homes safe, and our pooches happy!