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Dog cleaning service Las Vegas

When it comes to your pet’s care, you only want the best of the best. Enter M&N Pooper Scooper Services! Located in Nevada, M&N Pooper Scooper Services offers comprehensive care for dogs, so they feel pampered and loved! From basic grooming and shampooing to giving them haircuts and spa treatments, M&N Pooper Scooper gives your dog the star treatment.

After all, to maintain your dog’s hygiene, you have to maintain a certain standard of care. For all dogs—small and large—M&N Pooper Scooper Services provides affordable cleaning services and treatments so their coats stay clean and shiny and their bodies healthy—and all at affordable prices. In addition to cleaning and care, M&N Pooper Scooper Services offers pet after-cleaning services, as our name suggests. Whether you live in a home, condo or apartment, M&N Pooper Scooper Services operates in numerous locations in Nevada and will clear any mess out in no time.

Why Pet Cleaning Matters

Cleaning after your pet involves more than clearing out a litter box or giving them a bath once in a while! Dogs—especially those who like to have their daily walks and bouts in the warm sun—bring in more germs than you know. While they don’t typically spread to humans, in cases in which they do, you can get ailments ranging from minor skin irritations to serious diseases, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

M&N Pooper Scooper Services takes care of everything when you can’t! By taking care of your pup while you’re busy, we keep your home safe and free of germs. So, don’t wait!

If you’re in Las Vegas, North Las Vegas or Henderson, contact M&N Pooper Scooper Services today and get a quote. Book an advanced schedule and leave the rest to us. We’ll try our best to keep your home and dog healthy and happy!