Planning to Adopt? The Basics of Potty Training Your Fur Ball

Planning to Adopt The Basics of Potty Training Your Fur Ball

Whether it’s your first or your third, welcoming a new pup into your happy family is always a joyous occasion!

You’re bringing a new member into your life, one who wants a lot of love and kisses. But despite the elation you’re feeling in this moment, there’s one thing you’re dreading: potty training the little tyke.

But not to worry!

At M&N Pooper Scooper Services in Las Vegas, we have plenty of experience with dogs, young and old, and have some straightforward tips to impart for unprepared, soon-to-be dog owners!

What You Should Do

Planning to Adopt The Basics of Potty Training Your Fur Ball 2

Identify Their Behavioral Patterns

You’ll know when your pup has to go; they’ll walk around in circles, they’ll look around anxiously, and will start sniffing around in corners, trying to look for a place to poop. If you see any of these signs, don’t surprise them by calling them out; otherwise, they’ll be too scared to poop.

Walk them out to the area (don’t carry them) you’ve designated so they can poop, and wait. Puppies are easily distracted, so they’ll be jumping around outdoors. But they will poop eventually.

Use These Tricks When Training Them

Here are some things you should do to make the job easier:

  • Don’t wait until later in the day to take them out for a walk. Take them to the designated area as soon as they wake up. Or after they’re done having their food.
  • Don’t change the pooping area once you’ve assigned it. This could confuse them.
  • Reward them with plenty of praise and a treat once they’re done pooping.
  • Take them out to poop every two hours, at least. This will give them enough opportunities to take care of business.
  • Do your best to not show your anger if there’s an accident, and don’t punish them. Aside from being small and young, your puppies are also animals. They won’t be able to catch on to the training in a few days. It’s a slow process, and you must remain positive.
  • Don’t give up if your pup isn’t trained quickly. Just stick to the routine and be consistent. If accidents happen, just clean things up and carry on training them.

A Note on the Designated Pooping Area

Your dog has to know the difference between the pooping area and the play area in your yard. Separate the section by fencing it or putting down wood chippings.

The smell of the ground will help them note the difference between both areas. Also, once they’ve done their work, clean the area right away. Or the leftover mess will force them to look for other areas.

Planning to Adopt The Basics of Potty Training Your Fur Ball 3

Need a Cleanup Crew?

M&N pooper scooper Las Vegas is at your service!

A leading Pooper Scooper services Las Vegas and dog cleaning service, we’ll clear up the mess in your yard each day so you can continue training your dog. For further details, contact us today at (702) 487-9021.