Pick up That Scoop! What Your Pet’s Poop Is Telling You

Pick up That Scoop What Your Pet’s Poop Is Telling You

This is a public service message:

If your dog’s been acting a little different lately and you can’t tell why, look at their poop.

It tells you a lot about what’s going on inside their body—whether there’s trouble brewing, or if your dog’s just being a grump.

As professionals who offer Pet waste removal North Las Vegas, M&N Pooper Scooper Services has the scoop on what your dog’s poop is telling you, and when you should be concerned.

What You Can Tell From Your Pup’s Poop

– If it’s Brown and Firm, Like a Log

Brown, muddy-colored poop signals that there’s nothing to worry about. The consistency should be that of a play-doh roll, since this indicates that your dog’s digestive tract is working as it should be. Also, the poop should have a mild odor, and not a smelly one that makes you want to throw up when cleaning it.

– If it Smells, and if There’s a Lot of it

A lot of indigestible content in your dog’s diet will equal to a lot of waste production. With dogs, especially those that only eat meat, their poop smells because of the ingredients in their food.

Also, if your dog’s eating low-quality kibble, that may also affect their bowel movements. Always ask a vet before transitioning your dog to another type of food; otherwise, sudden food changes will upset their stomach.

Pick up That Scoop What Your Pet’s Poop Is Telling You

– If it’s Liquid-y and Loose

This means your dog probably ate something they shouldn’t have, like table scraps or a piece of garbage they found on the street. Thankfully, whatever the offending item is should make its way through the GI tract in a day, so their system will return to normal soon. But if it doesn’t, it’s best to take them to a vet.

You should also book an appointment if they start getting diarrhea out of the blue, since that indicates intolerance, a food allergy, or even a serious infection.

– If it’s Small and Rock-Like

This means your dog is constipated.

Eating insoluble fibers like vegetables, not drinking enough water, or eating low-quality dry kibble can block up your dog’s digestive tract.

Also, long-haired dogs that often lick themselves might ingest their fur, which may cause a clog. If your dog is older, osteoarthritis might also be to blame; since they may not be able to maintain the right posture when pooping.

Getting them checked will help you learn what to do in case the situation doesn’t clear up by itself.

– If it’s a Weird Color

Black, green, yellow, orange, gray—any color that isn’t the color of mud brown is automatically a red flag.

Green poop means there’s a gall bladder or bile problem. Black poop means your dog is experiencing bleeding in the upper GI tract, whereas orange or yellow poop is regarded as a sign of liver disease. Blue stool is a sign of rat poisoning.

In short, if you see any other color other than brown, take your dog to the vet straightaway.

Get the Picture?

When we come to pick up your dog’s poop, we’ll let you know if something is amiss. After all, we all want what’s best for our four-legged friends. Just keep a sharp eye out, and hire the right pet waste removal service to keep your home clean.

Together, we’ll keep your dog happy and your home poop-free.

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