Behavioral and Other Signs That Tell You That Your Dog is Sick

Behavioral and Other Signs That Tell You That Your Dog is Sick

Was your pup a shy little darling when you first brought them home? Just like young preschoolers at their first playgroup session, it takes time for your dog to warm up to you. But once they do, you’ll notice how they’re constantly jumping around your leg, waiting to be cradled in your arms.

If your pet is always happy, seeing them sulking in a corner is probably a cause for concern. So be a good friend and check up on them.

Whether they’re not as playful as normal or if they’re not eating, don’t just ignore it like it’s nothing. It could be a sign that you might regret missing later!

We care for you and your pet, which is why we’ve prepared a list of signs that you should look out for.

Foul-smelling breath

We know it’s normal for animals to smell like animals. They’re not going to smell like a human doused in heavy cologne, after all! However, if their breath smells different or particularly foul on any day, it’s usually a sign of an oral disease.

Excessive drooling

We know that dogs drool when they’re excited or hungry, but that’s a different kind of drooling. If you’ve had your pet for a long time, you’ll be able to tell when their drooling becomes excessive or abnormal.

That’s when you need to notify a veterinarian doctor and get them examined. It could be a sign of mouth infections or oral fungi.

A Change in Appetite

Enjoy your keto diet routine as much as you want, but don’t force it on your dog. They have specific nutrition requirements and need healthy meals to stay fit.

If they’re showing a lack of interest when it comes to eating, it could be because of a change of preference. But if it stays consistent across a variety of foods, it’s most likely a medical problem.

Behavioral and Other Signs That Tell You That Your Dog is Sick 2

Fall in Energy

Dogs are playful creatures that like to jump about and run around. Unless your pet is old or really shy, they shouldn’t abstain from running freely in an open green field. If they’ve stopped wanting to play and display laziness, it’s a cause for concern. Wait it out until you’re sure it’s a problem and then see a doctor.

Coughing and Sneezing

What’s the first sign of flu in humans? That’s right, endless sneezing and incessant coughing. Well, it’s the same in the case of dogs. If your pet has started coughing, sneezing or panting a lot, it’s time to take them for a checkup. You don’t want the sickness to aggravate and take a toll on their health, and affect their weight as well.

Sores and Itchy Skin

This symptom is hard to miss because it’s attention-grabbing. If your dog has been scratching themselves more than usual, you need to see what’s bothering them. You might notice dry patches and sores on their body. Also keep an eye out for lumps and unusual head shaking. That’s a major red flag that something is seriously wrong with their health. Seek a doctor at the earliest.

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