Do dogs declare their territory with poop and pee?

“If I have pooped here, it’s mine”. This is the mindset that dogs go with.

If you’ve recently brought a new dog in your house, you would’ve noticed that they have secured a spot for themselves. That’s their way of declaring their own exclusive territory.

Pet owners are often concerned about such territorial demarcation because they need to know if they can trust their pet around the house. If you’re one, this blog will definitely help.

Here’s why and how dogs declare their territory.

Pet waste and territories

Animals often use their waste to define their territory in the space where they’re living. They often use their pee or their poop to do that because it gives them a sense of exclusivity, especially if there are other pets in the house.

Their urine is also a marker of their reproductive status. This helps rank their position in the pack, but it can be fixed if they’re neutered.

Why dogs mark their territory

Medical concerns

Here are some medical issues that you would want to look into for the health and safety of your pet.

  1. Your dog may have started marking because they may have reached sexual maturity. But there could be other reasons as well. One is incontinence. Unexpected “leaks” from a potty-trained dog is a red flag. You might want to get them checked by a doctor.
  2. Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)is a common ailment that causes dogs to release urine without control. One way to identify UTI early on is to check if your pet is frequently licking their genitalia.
  3. Side effects of medication can also cause your dog to urinate frequently without caution. It’s best to update their doctor about this condition.

Medical concerns

Uncontrollable urination

Sometimes your dog may be peeing without warning for reasons other than medical problems or marking.

  • Your dog may be displaying submissive traits by urinating during a punishment, play or greetings. This is called submissive urination and it shows such postures during physical interactions.
  • Excited urination is also quite common among dogs. If you’re meeting them after a long time, they might urinate during the meeting.
  • Anxious urination might be a sign for you to look into your pet’s concerns. They might feel emotionally overwhelmed in your presence or absence and urinate without warning. To cater to this problem, you might want to focus on training them better.

Strangers in sight

Dogs often respond to unfamiliar stimuli in the environment by marking their territory with urine or feces. If your dog has suddenly started doing this, it might be because of a stranger in close vicinity. This could be a new bookcase, your girlfriend moving in, another pet or a new object in the house.

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