‘4’ Signs of Sickness in Your Dog’s Poop (And What You Should Do About Them)

‘4’ Signs of Sickness in Your Dog’s Poop (And What You Should Do About Them)

Trigger warning: poopy content coming up! (But if you’re a pet owner, this must have become second-nature to you by now)

An important part of having pets in the house is to take care of their health. Your furry friends are at your mercy for their survival and sustenance. For that, it’s crucial that you learn to inspect their poop on a regular basis.

This is because their poop may contain symptoms of diseases and infections. When you take your pet in for a medical checkup, the doctor will ask you to comment on their poop thus far. For that, you need to keep a record of it.

Here’s a quick guide that will help.

What’s ‘Normal’ Dog Poop Like

Normally, dog poop should look firm and moist. The lumps should be able to hold their shape but not be extremely hard and dry. And yes, it’s perfectly natural for poop to have a mild odor.

If your pet is pooping very frequently and in large quantities, it might be because of their feed. If you’re feeding them foods that have high fiber content, they’re more likely to display such symptoms.

Their diet will also be responsible for the smell of the poop. Certain nutrients can lead to a stinkier poop. Some examples include high potato and pea content, grains and starches.

If they’re being fed raw foods, their feces will have lesser smell, lighter color and disintegrate in a shorter time span. This is because their food has higher mineral content.

Similarly, if their feed has high calcium, they’ll release chalky-white feces. Such foods can also cause obstipation in dogs so beware.

Types of Dog Diarrhea

Loose, light brown stool

If your dog is releasing soft, light brown feces without any traces of blood or mucous, it’s because of a diet change. However, if indiscriminate eating doesn’t explain this, it could be because of giardia—an intestinal parasite.

Greasy, bright yellow stool

If your pet has been eating fatty foods, their poop will be greasy and bright-yellow in color. Oily foods can cause inflammation in the pancreas and pancreatitis needs immediate medical attention.

Dark tar-like stool

If your pet is passing out dark black, tarry feces, it’s a sign of the presence of old blood in their digestive system. The reasons behind this can only be diagnosed by a veterinarian so it’s best to take your pet to one immediately.

Watery diarrhea

If your dog’s poop is completely loose and watery, it could be because of stress or a viral/parasitic infection. This can dehydrate the animal, especially if they’re still at a growing age.

Dark tar-like stool

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