How To Train Your Dog to Poop in the Yard?

How To Train Your Dog to Poop in the Yard?

You finally brought home a puppy and can’t wait to begin your new life as a pet parent. This is when the real responsibility begins and you have to spend time and energy training them for several things. Potty training should be your top priority to help them adjust in your new home. And also to make sure they don’t make a big mess.

If you have a lawn that you spend time and energy maintaining, you don’t want it ruined by dog poop. It can cause brown spots and make your lawn look less tidy. This is why the number one rule of potty training for dogs is to make them relieve themselves in the same spot.

Here’s how you can go about it and make life easier for yourself.

Picking the right spot

Choose a suitable spot in your yard. You can make it a more discrete part of the yard so that it’s accessible to your dog but also well hidden.

This also depends on the size of your dog. A larger dog will obviously occupy a much larger space and will also require more area to roam around in for a bit.

Make sure that the area is covered with grass, mulch or gravel. Dogs can have different preferences though so try introducing different surfaces before your dog finds the right one.

House training 101

House training 101

Here are a few steps to keep in mind.

  • Monitor your dog’s diet and keep its dietary schedule as consistent and regular as possible.
  • After each meal, take the dog outside to the spot you have chosen.
  • Take them first thing in the morning and then every half-one hour. Take them once before they call it a night so that it becomes more regulated.
  • Stay with them while they do their business. You don’t have to stay with them once they are trained.
  • The first time your dog poops in the chosen spot, reward them with a treat or a walk. And then continue rewarding this behavior till you feel like they’ve been trained.

Puppies learn to control their bladder at 16 weeks old. The length of time they can hold their bladder for depends on how old they are. Each breed of dog has a different metabolism and bladder size, hence the time it takes to train them can also differ.

House training takes patience and vigilance on your part. But with consistent efforts your dog will be trained to poop in one spot in the yard which will make cleaning easier!

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